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We’re storytellers. We’re certified nerds. We thrive at the intersection of art, commerce, creativity, and technology. We are the modern creative agency for the sophisticated Marketer. Regardless of the how; the what and why is where we live.

We’re not your average agency. We’ve walked in your shoes, battled in the trenches of in-house teams, and emerged as renegades of creativity. We know the struggles, the dynamics, and the burning desire to break free from the norm.

That’s why we become an extension of your internal squad, amplifying your vision with our expertise. Creativity is our weapon of choice. We don’t just think outside the box; we set it on fire… well, responsibly… more of a controlled burn.
Deep Vibe admire their incredible work
Deep Vibe in front of a Dumpster Fire
Deep Vibe on set filming Brown University Fellows
Deep Vibe on a virtual production set after defeating various Goombas and Koopas
Deep Vibe on set at a tattoo shop in London
Deep Vibe on set at StudioLab, NH

Our Story

People are amazing.

We love digging deep, discovering their stories, and bringing them to light. We also believe in magic. Magic from moments of undeniable truth.

In fact, we’re so fucking magical we keep finding fairy dust in our underwear. Just kidding! We don’t wear underwear. It gets in the way of the magic making motions.

And sure we find beauty intoxicating, but the truth is exhilarating. Weave the two together in service of a story and real inspiration blossoms.Now that's Deep.

Can your old agency say that?
Deep Vibe
Deep Vibe
Deep Vibe

Meet Deep Vibe

Michael Gilday
Uros Perisic
Partner & Creative Director
Isamar Perez
Partner & Executive Producer
Joshua Wachs
Partner & COO
Chase Martin
Creative Strategist
Brendan Coughlin
Sr. Editor & Cinematographer
Kara Day
Associate Creative Director
Nebojsa Mundzic
3D Motion Designer
Irena Vujisic
3D Motion Designer
Marko Pecenkovic
Unreal General Artist

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